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1. Home team must provide a clean, well-illuminated Table, Chalk, and a Bridge,

Also a short stick if necessary.

2. Table must be made available to the visiting team for practice 20 minutes

Before game time.

3. Starting time is 8:15 PM less than 3 Players by 8:30 PM will be a FORFEIT!

Assuming a 4th player is on the way to the Match, the match can start.

4. A minimum of 4 Players are required to compete in a match. If a team fails

To field 4 players by the end of the first round of singles, a full forfeit will be

awarded to the opposing team.

5. Team Captains must settle all disputes. If a problem cannot be

Solved, call the league at Pager #1- 917- 869-1868, or 258-4944 to protest

The match. See rule # 37 on page 3.

6. Home team must provide money for the games.

7. Both Captains must call in scores, also must mail in a separate report sheet.

Failure to do so will result in a Five Point Penalty! This rule will be enforced.

Postponements & Forfeits must be called in as well.

8. Score sheet is to be filled out on the BLIND, and should be filled out by the

AWAY TEAM first.

9. Only the player shooting and 1 coach can be by the table. A coach may

Give advice to a player by the table only when it is his or her turn to shoot.

10. A player may shoot only once in any set of games. The last 4 Singles games

Are considered to be one set.

11. Any changes to the score sheet must be initialed by both Captains, if a playerís

Name is crossed out after the score sheet is viewed by both Captains, that player

can not shoot in any other games for the rest of the match!

12. A team may carry as many as 10 players on its roster. No Roster Changes after

Week # 7. A player must have played in Eight matches to be eligible for

Awards & Playoffs. Roster Changes cost $5.00 per change. Use form given in

Team Envelope. A player may play after the roster change is received by League.

13. When filling out score sheet Captains must use playerís last name. So records

Can be kept. If no last name is used the team will not be credited with the Win.

14. A player may NOT SWITCH TEAMS during the season; He or She may not

Play for another team after appearing in a game for any team.

15. Any team that forfeits twice will be removed from the league. If a team is

Removed from the league, all scores will be adjusted to 16 points

The same as a BYE.

16. If a team cannot make a match and needs to reschedule, a phone call to the

League and the team that it is scheduled to play, Must be made. The call must be

At least TWO HOURS before the match. OR risk the chance of a Forfeit!

17. The Team that needs to reschedule, must accommodate the needs of the other

Team. Even if it means to play at their bar, although the original game was to

be a home game. The match must be made-up by the second week of the

Postponement or a forfeit will be given to the other team.



18. The score of the reschedule match must be call in by BOTH CAPTAINS. And

A score sheet must be mailed in by BOTH CAPTAINS.

Failure to do so will result in a Five Point Penalty!

19. The games are played with the AWAY TEAM breaking first, alternating breaks,

HOME / AWAY Etc. (refer to play sheets provided).

20. Win the Game automatically by pocketing the 8-Ball on the break.

21. All shots must be called, Example: Two ball off the Five in the side must be called

And than made that way. Obvious Balls and Pockets do not have to be indicated.

If there may be a question about a ball going in the pocket clean or not it must

Be called, and than made that way. Bank shots and Pockets are not considered

Obvious and care should be taken in calling the Object Ball & Pocket.

22. Object Balls jumped off the table on the break is considered a foul, and a loss of

Turn. (Exception, 8-ball this is a loss of the game) The Ball is spotted, the incoming

Player has the option of (1) accepting the table as is, and shooting.

Or (2) taking the cue ball behind the head-string and shooting.

The Table is still OPEN. Any balls Pocketed on the break remain Pocketed.

23. If a player Scratches on the Break all balls pocketed remain pocketed.

(Exception, 8-ball this is a lost of the game), The incoming player has the cue ball

In hand behind the head-string. He or She may not shoot any ball that is not fully

Past the head-string. The table is still considered to be open.

24. Open Table. (Defined) The table is "OPEN" when the choice of Groups

(Solids or Stripes) has not yet been determined. Note: The table is always OPEN

Immediately after the Break Shot.

25. The choice of groups (Solids or Stripes) is not determined on the break even

If a ball, or balls are made from one, or both groups. The choice of group is

Determined only after the player pockets a called Object Ball, after the Break Shot.

26. A player is entitled to continue shooting until He or She fails to pocket a ball of

His or Her group. After a player has pocketed all of His or Her group He or She

Shoots to pocket the 8-Ball.

27. When playing the 8-Ball Failure to hit the 8-Ball with the Cue Ball first,

Will be a Loss of the Game.

28. A Player also loses the Game if He or She commits any of the following infractions:

1. Scratching when shooting the 8-Ball at any time.

2. Pockets the 8-Ball when it is not the Object Ball.

3. Pockets the 8-Ball in a pocket other than the one called.

4. Jumps the 8-Ball off the table at any time.

5. Pockets the 8-Ball on the same stroke as the last of His or Her group of Balls.

6. Fouls when pocketing the 8-Ball.

29. Combination Shots are allowed, you must hit one of your group first,

Except when the table is Open. When the table is open you may hit any ball,

Including the 8-Ball first into an other Object ball. The shot must be called!

The 8-Ball may not be used as the first ball hit, after a group has been determined.

30. Jump Shots are not allowed!

Any time the Cue Ball leaves the table it is a Scratch.



31. Any time you shoot you must hit a Ball from your group first,

(Except when the Table is Open) or it is a loss of turn

While shooting the 8-Ball it is a loss of the Game.

32. The 8-Ball must be pocketed CLEAN!


33. If a player Scratches, the incoming player has the cue ball in hand behind the

head-string. He or She may not shoot any ball that is not fully past the head-string.

If there is No Ball over the head-string, the ball closest to the back rail is spotted.

If the spot is blocked the ball is placed on the rail, behind the spot on the Center


34. For Tactical reasons a player may choose to play Safe, He or She may pocket an

Object Ball and than discontinue His or Her turn at the table by,

Declaring "SAFETY" to His or Her Opponent in advance of the shot. All pocketed

Balls remain pocketed after the "safety ". If no Ball is pocketed during the safe

The shooter must hit His or Her Object Ball and than a rail with either the Cue Ball

Or the Object ball. If this does not happen it will be considered a scratch and the

Opponent than has the Cue Ball in Hand behind the Head-string And Rules for a

Scratch than apply. Rule # 33

35. If a player moves a ball Accidentally, it is up to His or Her opponent,

To place the ball back in itís original spot, or to leave it where it is. The offending

Player loses His or Her turn. Unless both Captains agree to forgo the loss of

Turn before the match.

36. Personal Conduct: Captains are responsible for all of their team members

Behavior. Heckling or other harassment is strictly forbidden. Itís the Home

Teamís responsibility to maintain the best of order during League Play.

The repeated use of Foul or insulting language and /or resorting to physical

Violence shall be considered just cause for the penalizing the offender and his

Or Her team, up to 21 Match Points and / or suspension, or removal from the


37. PROTEST: The Captain of any team may file a protest for any irregularity of a

Match. The Opposing Team Captain must be notified at the time of the protest

That the Game / Match from that point on is being played under protest. The Match

Shall than be played to itís conclusion. The protest must be called in to the League

At 258-4944, at the time of the protest. The protest must also be on the Match

Report sheets & mailed in to the League.

  1. RUN RACK is pocketing all (7) Seven of your group of Balls than the 8-Ball in

One Turn. It is not necessary to do this on your First Turn, as long as you or

Your opponent have not pocketed any of your object balls in a previous turn.

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